Great Investment Tips was put together by two good friends who over the years have played the different investment markets and always looked to have shared ideas and theories.  We have always found that by sharing and talking about these ideas it has helped to better validate the theory and also enables an open thinking approach to invest.

Aussie Investor

Sam has been investing since he was 19 years of age receiving his first pay from the Australian Army Reserve.  From this point he has expanded into other investment areas such as property, currency, foreign markets and even crypto.  Along the way through trial and error there have been many lesson’s learnt and this has helped to fine tune the performance of the investments today in which you can see and read when looking at his articles.  One of his favorite sayings is “don’t judge me by what I say but what how my actions have delivered.”  He has worked for many of Australia’s largest companies in a consulting capacity also for 20 years which have helped to observe corporate behavior and their approaches too many situations including the GFC, China and expansions.

Ross James

Ross has been investing for nearly 30 years in the stock market and has traded through major events such as the dot com boom, the GFC and the latest COVID-19 shock.  Ross immensely enjoys travelling and has visited over 35 countries, witnessing the rise of China and emerging European countries within the last two decades through globalisation. Ross also has a background in sourcing new technology, working for one of the most successful global consumer electronics companies in the world. This included strategic understanding of the emerging technology trends, performance advantage of the technology and understanding the business model of the companies that could provide competitive advantage. Ross has a Master’s degree in Engineering and an MBA that comes in handy when analyzing the marketplace and individual companies. Ross has a very keen interest in motorsport and the automotive sector, including classic cars and is very proud to have actually been part of the team that built the iconic McLaren F1 road car back in the 90’s. Ross’ favourite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt ‘”The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”.